Peugeot RCZ | Paint Work Correction

Sep 18 - by admin

Bespoke Car Care were asked to do a full Detail and paintwork correction to this beautiful new Peugeot. The owner wasn’t impressed at how the car looked after a few weeks of being out of the showroom, it had lost its showroom shine. This is a common problem with bad dealer new car preparation and main dealer valeting. Many dealers use PDI polish (pre delivery inspection polish), what this does is give a high gloss which masks the poor paint underneath. So a few washes later you are left with paint work that looks more second hand than “Showroom Finish”.

At Bespoke we tackle this problem on a daily basis using high speed polishing machines and the correct polishes and compounds to bring back that gloss and showroom finish. The difference with our outcome is that we don’t mask the paint with PDI polish, we actually polish the surface scratches and swirl marks out of the paint. You can be assured that your paint will look like new for much much longer, making washing and maintaining the finish much much easier.

The car also received a New Car Protection service which coated the vehicles paint/glass and trim with Gtechniq C1 C5 I1 G1, the customer left with drying towel,wash mitt, Gtechniq C2 & Dr leather wipes and recommendation of other products to keep it looking like new.

In the Gallery below, you will see from Photos 1-7 the scratch marks and swirl marks that were to be removed. The Photos from 8 onwards show how the deep gloss has been returned to the paint. For more info on detailing and paintwork correction please click here.

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