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Enhancement Detail

• Degreaser applied to lower vehicle to break down traffic film and general grime
• Snow Foam applied to entire vehicle to help soften and clean remaining contamination
• Multi stage hand wash ,wheels fully cleaned, Soft microfiber towel dried
• Paintwork clayed to remove bonded contaminates
• Paintwork machine polished using a single stage process to remove swirls
• Paintwork cleanser applied
• 2 layers of high % carnauba wax or sealant applied to suit vehicle colour
• Tyres dressed
• Wheel arches cleaned and dressed
• Exterior plastics dressed
• Glass polished inside and out
• Door rubbers and seals conditioned
• Wheels sealed
• Interior vacuumed and plastics cleaned and dressed with UV protectant

From £200.00

Time taken 8-16 hours

Full Bespoke Correct and protect package

• As the above package but to include a 2 to 3 step machine polish to remove 95 % of the paintwork defects

• Full leather clean and interior shampoo included if fabric seats

This is truly the pinnacle of Detailing to bring your car back to Showroom condition. Gtechniq C1 sealant is then applied, this is the very latest in technology and protection for your car. 2 layers of a high end wax can be applied if the customer desires.

From £350.00

Time taken 16-32 hours

Maintenance aftercare package

Once the vehicle has been given a new lease of life via one of the protection or correction details, many clients want it to look good all the time, but don’t always have the time to do this. Bespoke Car Care can offer bi-annually, monthly or weekly packages. The maintenance programmes are built up of periodic cleansing with deep cleansing at set intervals to allow further sealant and wax top ups. The higher the usage and therefore more visits, the greater the discount.

Prices can be discussed following a detailing service completion

Additional information

All prices are charged dependant on vehicle size and condition.

A deposit will need to be taken for all detailing services of £50.00

An electric point and garage or workshop will need to be provided if travelling to you for detailing services.


Please check out the additional service page for optional extras for all services above for a truly bespoke service.

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