Bespoke car care valets offer the customer a stress free mobile service either at your home or place of work or at Bespokes fully insured work unit where your vehicle is stored in a heated and dry environment whilst the services we offer are carried out. The same level of care and quality is ensured in our valeting service as in all other services we offer. Please take a look inside for the valeting packages on offer.

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Bespoke car care offers various luxury treatments for your vehicle that will not only enhance the appearance, and increase resale value. If your vehicle has been subject to bad washing techniques leaving the paintwork marked or swirled then the machine polishing service is an option to correct this and bring back a ‘new look’ to your vehicle while being left with a protective coating. This is the pinnacle in car care.

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Bespoke New car protection gives your new car the best start to its life even new cars come with defects due to bad dealer prep, storage and transportation conditions and these are normally hidden with a pdi polish, then after a few weeks you will notice marks appearing as the polish breaks down or alternatively the dealer will try and sell you a lifetime sealant which is a great marketing ploy and normally poorly applied as dealer valeters just don’t have the time Bespoke offer the very latest sealant technology on the market and pride themselves on the protection it achieves .

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Bespoke car care like to offer every service possible for your car from Glass sealant which is perfect for people who do a lot of motorway miles, to full wheel off clean and high end sealant package to keep your wheels looking like new for longer and makes them much easier to clean, while the wheels are off hub and calliper painting is also available. Other services include leather care and deep interior cleaning to name just a couple. Please take a look inside to see the many different options available for your vehicle.

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