Deep interior cleaning

Carpets and trim fully vacuumed,
Carpets, mats and upholstery shampooed and fragranced
Fabric guard applied
Leather cleaned and fed with water based conditioners
Roof lining cleaned
Anti bacterial cleaner used on sat nav screens and high use areas
Plastics and trim deep cleaned and treated with UV conditioners
Wood veneers waxed and protected
Glass cleaned and polished
Rubber door seals treated

From £100.00

Leather Clean and protect

Many leather products market themselves on how they feed leather. In fact
the leather in your car’s seats are first retanned with products to give the
desired softness, flexibility and base colour, before being coated with a
very fine polymer emulsion to give them the final desired colour and optic
before ultimately applying a protective clear top coat. Most auto leather is
matt when it is new and looked after correctly. Leather with a shiny or
glossy look is usually due to build up of dirt together with abrasion
(constant sliding in and out) which causes a polishing effect and this is
often exacerbated by the use of ‘conditioners’ that contain waxes and/or
oils which only sit on the surface and attract more dirt.

‘Conditioners’, balms, feeds, etc (traditionally oil and wax based) cannot
penetrate this finish and so are not worth applying – they can also leave
behind residues on the finish which will only attract more dirt if allowed
to remain. Many companies use cheaper leather care products which do more
harm than good long-term, and they are only interested in the instant
gratification of making the leather look good. Sadly these inferior products
create a perpetual cycle of having to clean more regularly than is required.
Of particular note are the appalling silicone based conditioners that leave
a shiny and slippery surface effect to the leather.

A protector will make the finish easier to clean and also inhibit dye
transfer etc on pale coloured leathers.

Leather however finished has to remain breathable and it will allow the
movement of moisture back and forth (transpiration) so the use of water
based cleaners and protectors will keep the leather correctly hydrated which
is essential to keeping it in good condition.

Bespoke Car Care only use water based cleaners and protectors from the
finest leather company to ensure a true ‘deep clean and protect’ service for
your leather.

From £80.00

Glass Rain Repellent Sealant

The complex molecular technology makes the coating completely invisible and water will move off glass once the car reaches about 30mph
Dramatically improved visibility and safety in the rain
Insect remains can be removed easily
Removing ice from the windscreen is much easier
Less use of your windscreen wipers
2 years/30,000 miles  protection

Front windscreen and side widows coated


Brake Hub and/or caliper restoration

The look of rusty wheel hubs or discoloured calipers can really detract from the overall look of a detailed car.

We offer a full repaint service for your faded and rusty hubs and calipers.
This service offers to bring these parts up to new again. Many coats of high temp paint are used to bring back that as new look. While the wheel is removed the arches are cleaned and dressed and the backs of wheels are fully cleaned and protective is sealant applied.

From £50.00 per corner

Convertible top reproofing

Fabric soft tops comprise of multi layers of protection. It repels (beads) water, resists soiling and impedes mildew formation, but over time the top layer degrades, water stops beading and green algae can start to appear, this is the time to replenish the top layer of protection and bring back the beading.

The cost of replacing your hood can run in to hundreds keep it at its best and save your money.

A full clean and protectant is applied using only the best Renovo products

From £100.00

If there is any other service you need done or any questions you have please get in touch and Lee will be happy to discuss these with you.

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