Winter Protection

Winter Car

Winter Protection Detail

With winter just around the corner make sure your vehicle is protected from the harsh environment.
We have specially designed this detail for the British winter and to help provide maximum protection against it. Our winter detail will also make your vehicle easier to keep clean.

• All wheels cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust

• Lower sills, door shuts/boot shuts pre-sprayed with a gentle hot citrus based degreaser

• Wheel arches pre-sprayed with a gentle hot citrus based degreaser

• Hot Power rinse

• Hot Pre wash Snow Foam bath with our popular safe pre wash foaming agent PH Neutral snow foam and applied with a Foaming Lance for best results

• Hot Power rinse

• Safe 2 bucket wash and grit guard system used with a hot shampoo and conditioner

• Hot Power rinse

• Paintwork treated with aqua wax for a high shine

• Hand-dried using ‘deep pile’ micro fibre drying towels for a scratch less dry finish

• Wax Sealant coating application to all wheels (Alloy only)

• Paintwork checked for optimum cleaning

• Paintwork prepped with a pre wax cleaner to aid bonding process of wax/sealant

• Selected highly durable wax or sealant applied to all paintwork

• Door shuts waxed for added protection

• Bottom of all doors inside waxed for added protection

• Boot and bonnet under edge waxed for added protection

• Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned, conditioned and protected

• Rubber seals cleaned and conditioned

• Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished

• Interior cleaned and detailed using trusted processes including Leather cleaning and conditioning

• All chrome and stainless steel surfaces cleaned, polished and protected

• Screen wash topped up if required

    Cost: from £190  Time: 6-14 Hours


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